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La Vista Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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7202 Giles Rd, Ste 7
La Vista, NE 68128
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We value our patients' experience at La Vista Chiropractic & Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Nicholas Snyder Dr. Lindsey Snyder
Your La Vista Chiropractor

 Special Patient Testimonials

Great Office Atmosphere

"Dr. Nick and staff are always so sincere and personable.  Their dedication and caring goes well beyond the skeletal correction performed on a regular basis.  They care about your total health and well being which plays a huge role in your immediate recovery."  

~ Kathy E.

"I really liked the fact that Dr. Nick didn't just adjust me and then send me on my way.  Everyone in the office works to help correct my health problems and not just help it for the time being."  

~ Sam D.

"The knowledge and information I received here led me to make proper changes in order to prevent long term damage/pain."  

~ Tyrel

"When I first came to the office everyone was very welcoming.  Dr. Nick was very passionate about what he does and very willing to do whatever it is to help his patients maintain their care."  

~ Deanna B.

"I appreciate the time Dr. Nick takes to thoroughly examine me and explain my treatment and condition to me in detail.  The staff is very friendly and down to earth.  It has definitely helped my symptoms so that keeps me coming back."  

~ Michelle A.

"I was very impressed with Dr. Nick's knowledge of how the central nervous system works and how clearly he explained the entire process with me.  It just really makes sense that my spine has to be aligned for all of my body's functions to work properly."  

~ Tara B.

"...I love the people here, the atmosphere is great and it is more like coming to a friends home than a doctor's office."  

~ Cindy E.

"The doctor and personnel are friendly, considerate, and personable.  They are committed in their beliefs to help in the healing process."  

~ Maureen M.

"The professionalism and great environment made me comfortable therefore more trusting.  My commitment to my health leads me to chiropractic care so I may have a good balance overall."

~ Austin B

“[Anyone] will get the up most care here and your treated personally.  Your not just another “patient”.”            

~  Curtis T.

Improved Immune Function

"I was extremely impressed with the initial well organized process that the office has for new patients.  Dr. Nick was very friendly and was committed to my wellness.  After the first few adjustments I began to notice a great and positive difference.  I am able to sleep a full night now thanks to the adjustments. I am far less irritable and less tired. I don’t get sick as often and when I do its not as severe. I recommend all of my fellow co-workers telling them that this office will most likely change their life.”  ~Chad B.

“It has now been a year since I first started getting adjusted and I am no longer taking any medication!  I haven’t been sick or had colds nearly as often as I used to and I have much better posture than I used to.  With continued care, hopefully I will be able to prevent any future nerve interference and disc degeneration.” 

~ Tara B.

“I would recommend chiropractic care for all ages.  I have been amazed at what chiropractic care can do for even infants (works wonders for colic).” 

~ Lisette J.

“I’m healthier in general and far fewer colds and sinus infections.  I have less back pain and greater range of motion.  My physical and mental stamina have greatly improved.”                    

 ~ Sharon W.

“Over the last two years I’ve also noticed a !!HUGE!! decrease in allergy trouble thank God!!      

 ~ Derrick O.

Improved Quality of Life

“I was in constant pain before working with Dr. Nick. I am [now] not in pain after working outside and the nagging day-to-day pain has disappeared. The quality of my life has greatly improved.” 

~ Janelle O.

“I can [now] go up and down stairs without any problem. My neck is no longer sore or stiff. I feel like I can live a more normal life.” 

~ Beverly M.

“Chiropractic Care keeps me feeling stable and pain free between visits.  I’m able to maintain a good level of flexibility.  I’m able to exercise routinely and stay active.  In general having good chiropractic care is positively impacting my health.” 

~Austin B.

“I went with seeking a short term fix and ended up finding lifelong and life changing help. Chiropractic care, I believe, will increase my overall health and length of my life.” 

~Derrick O.

“I have felt better than I have for years. More energy & healthy- Chiropractic care works on the mind too. Expanding possibilities for positive changes in your life.” 

~Maureen M.

“I have a lot less lower back pain.  I now can work my 12 hour shifts and sit through three hour lectures without having pain.  I have also noticed a lot more energy.  I believe that now and in the future this will have a positive impact on my daily life and my future nursing career.” 

~ Deanna B.

"Daily I am able to do the things I love without as much of a worry that I used to have about pinching a muscle or straining something."  

~ Tyrel

“I’m able to walk without the pain in my leg which helps a lot.  I believe I will be able to take care of my house as long as I’m around to do it and enjoy life.” 

~ Dee W.

“After two visits to this office I had little to no pain in my neck and I now have full mobility of my neck.  La Vista Chiropractic has provided me with a good base of knowledge along with proper exercises/stretches to maintain a healthy spine and neck into the future.  Another little bonus of their services is my cholesterol number has lowered without diet change.”         

 ~ Kathy E.

“The effects of the care are starting to take place.  I feel more flexibility and movement in the neck and back, feel lighter. Before I had limited movement in the neck but it is easier to turn my head now.  You’re never too young or old to get chiropractic care because neck and back problems can strike at any age.  Like any ailment, find it early and be pain free later.”       

~ Steve D.

“It made me feel better overall and motivate me to continue to improve and maintain the positive steps I’ve taken.  I can do a lot of daily activities pain free with little or no problem.”     

~  Josh H.

“I feel 100% better.  I lost weight and can exercise, I feel better about myself too.”

~ Bettie I.

“I learned many things about my spine and the effect on my whole body- I have not needed to have surgery for carpal tunnel and I feel great now. 

~ Laurie T.

How Chiropractic Has Played a Role in Your Child’s Health:

“I’ve learned so much about nutrition and wellness and it has encouraged better parenting on my part. I’ve seen immediate results in my childrens health after their adjustments.”   

~ Julie R.

“Since the kids have been seeing Dr. Nick…they haven’t gotten sick with colds or flues.  There overall health is very good.  Thank you!” 

~ Steve K. 

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I love Dr. Lindsay! She has helped my back and sciatic nerve pain so much. I highly recommend them to anyone who has any issues!

Meghan Elizabeth S.
La Vista, NE

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